Thursday, 17 November 2016

There's never enough time...

How on earth; I sometimes wonder; do folks find time to get bored?

When there's so much to see and do.

Frustrated yes, exhausted and confused, on occasion for sure...

But how so bored?

Plenty of farm work continues through these cooler, but still bright weeks.
Mainly maintenance, harvesting, and the ever ongoing weeding.

That's the downside of applying generous amounts of compost, to a warm growing site, where in the absence of hard frosts, everything continues to flourish.

Great for year round veg production.
But just now and then, I envy those growers in colder climes where work can cease for a few weeks over the Winter...

Perhaps a case of the grass being mercifully less green, on the other side.

But looking forward, all the same, to another farmerish excursion.

Going here....

Which has excitement as a venue, in addition to the event itself.

I have fond childish memories of visiting this open air museum, dedicated to the agricultural vernacular.

Excursions there, were often the high point of otherwise somewhat 'beige' sojurns with grandparents in Worthing....

A particularly quiet town on the South Coast of England. And deemed an outpost of the 'Arid Cake Belt' a moniker bestowed by my father upon those respectable suburbs to be found circulating post war London.

I have a sneaking suspicion, that 'The Weald and Downland' will still hold a few thrills...
Maybe this is where my fondness for diminutive; hand built sheds; and barns was born?

And the phone to blog photo posting, is still not resolved.
Tech support, are being very quiet on the communications front.

So a picture of last years squash will have to do to brighten up this page.
The colours, and flavours, being no less vivid this year.

Overall harvest weight slightly down on last year, due, one surmises to a drier Summer . But the quality and variety are undiminished.

Golden nuggets of sunshine.

Hoes down for the ho - down

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