Friday, 16 June 2017

Earth Centric.

There are moments when it can all get a bit tricky; difficulties may arise; we can often get a bit too much for ourselves to cope with; let alone for anyone else....
When I'm walking, and find myself in a disconnected state, I sometimes find it helps to imagine where the exact centre of the earth is, in relation to my bodies centre of gravity.
It helps to put ones thoughts, feelings of overwhelm, or troubles, into perspective.
Not to dismiss these thoughts and feelings as unimportant, but just to see how they sit in the overall scheme of things.
This is also a useful exercise if you want to be more upright, open chested,  open hearted perhaps?
The mind, and body, do continually feed messages, and impressions back to each other... Mental, and physical health, can't help but be interconnected. Even something as simple as making youself smile for a a whole thirty seconds can lift your mood... Maybe this is why I make up dumb jokes, which are mostly, only funny to me...
It would of course, be rather annoying, if we had to consciously consider every step we take.
But it can help on occasion, to be very aware of ones actual ownership of a pair of feet, and the placement of all the interconnected human bean tackle that goes above.
Let your spine be in the midline of yourself... Equal amounts of 'person material'  inhabiting each side...
You will feel lighter, your carriage will be easier...
And moreover, that awareness of the depth of supportive earth and rocks right down to the core, makes you feel reassuringly insignificant.
Smallness can be very beautiful.

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