Sunday, 14 February 2016

Out to play in the woods: on a Sunday...

Look look! there are waterfalls round here too.
Nicely swollen after all that rain.

This stream cuts through the deep sandstone goyle in the woods nearby.
 I had plenty of childish fun testing my wellies in the water...

Then some adults came past; and made me feel a bit self conscious... 
Why do they have to do that?

A drainage tunnel under the old railway embankment, displaying some nifty brickwork of the time...
Sadly, this branchline is now closed; but the track on top levels the route to the sea for cyclists, part way at least.

 Crunching down here, after fresh snowfall, betwixt the trees, you'd not be surprised to come across Mr Tumnus..

But no snow this year, not this low down at any rate.. 

Ferns taking advantage of the lime pointing.

Who doesn't love a mossy log?
This tree felled by the Autumn storms might have reached the end of its growing time; but it won't take long for all the wee beasties to take up residence and give it a new lease of life.

Perhaps due to the steep terrain; these woods aren't overly tidied.

The plantation parts are harvested when they mature; but older specimens are generally left to do their thing; and give a home to the workforce of the woodland floor.

Wall Pennywort almost obliterating these South facing stones. The growth on the wall opposite gives almost the same coverage; but individual leaves are smaller... Reflecting the lower light levels they receive.

This little navel-like bit of herbage is edible, even if it's not the tastiest thing on the planet.
 Its fine to browse the leaves, just be careful not to dislodge the roots.

Do you like my new hat? (see shadow)
 Sadly the proprietor guy in the outdoor shop wasn't on hand yesterday; to give me my usual; very thorough; patronising.
Everso slightly dissappointed; the stand in Saturday Girl allowed me to buy what I wanted without question....Where's the challenge in that?

Jacobs Ladder, steps down to the beach from the cliff top gardens...
See the colour of the sea? That's where all that lovely East Devon topsoil ends up....Plus of course a contribution from the natural cliff face erosion....

Stat's for all lovers; of things numerical....10 miles (ish)

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