Sunday, 21 February 2016

Further Sylvan Mossiness..

The alternative route to Tiverton, that unfairly, much maligned town of the area. Every region seems to need somewhere to look down upon...

But the sun came out...

And look; Spring is sprunging at Knighthayes Court; I'd cycled off the map by now; following my nose and the occasional little red arrow of the cycle network: so was pleasantly surprised to end up here.

 By this point my brake blocks were down to the metal; despite only being replaced three days ago ...Gritty wet conditions does for them; after only a few days; so negotiating the sightseers on the steeper tracks was interesting.

a veritable carpet of crocii and dwarf daffodils

A bike shop doing business on a Sunday was found and a very helpful resident of this town fitted some new stopping devices. He has lots of plans for trips too.

This however is not quite so helpful. Tying jaunty bunting over the top of the arrows can lead to a rather lengthier investigation of the 'burbs than there is patience spare for.

However rescued again, by another helpful resident, who over the ten minutes of escorting me back to where I should restart from, referred to me as 'sweetheart' only about fifteen times. I even caught a glimpse of his cat through his front window. 
On finally taking leave of my new paramour I felt obliged to 'sweetheart' him back in gratitude for his trouble.
I think by the local customs; this exchange might mean we are practically married now.

And it was still sunny....So after all that rain, I'm now starting to gently steam.

Not far now....Further evidence that the season progresses.

Back before the chickens bed time; and today's journey stats; if anyone's interested:  44 miles...Mainly on NCN. R 3. With a few extra side excursions for nutrient and or merriment; oftimes combining both...

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