Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Walking, a conversation with the landscape...

So to take a hiking trip, first select a promising location, and a reasonable route. 
 Equip yourself with essential kit, and good nutrition (light enough to carry, for days on end, and potentially up and down some steep climbs) 

Have navigational abilities, and be realistic about your hill skills,  and levels of fitness

Get yourself to start, of proposed route, and start walking...  That about it. 

People who don't indulge in this type of 'holiday' will enquire, "Don't you get bored, just walking all day?" .

Or, "What do you find to talk about, if you're  hiking with the same person, day after day, after day?"  

Well, often, aside from practicalities, such as way finding, or snack stops, or pointing out wildlife, whole hours can go by, in perfectly companionable silence. 

And anyway,  there's not always enough breath to spare on chat, if ascending, for hours on end. 

Negotiating boulder fields takes full concentration, if the skin on your shins is to be preserved. 

So ultimately, the conversation is with the landscape, physically as one negotiates each step, over uneven terrain. 

The narrative, is a sensory one, stories are incoming, from  near and far, twists of plot occur, moment, by moment. 

How, could that ever become dull, if given ones full attention? 

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