Tuesday, 3 January 2017

More forward thinking...

Further train excitement...

Off to another moot of 'hairy farmers'

And not so hairy associates.

Its the diversity of voices, backgrounds, specialisms, and broader views that does it for me.


It certainly wont be the fault of the event if I don't return with some fresh perspectives; and new ideas.

Ultimately we are all interested in land use, food, and the ecology of the planet upon which we reside.

Whether we choose to engage with this topic; or disconnect as if its none of our business is ultimately up to the individual and their inclinations.

But like it or not; this issue concerns us all; unless of course you dont happen to eat food, drink water, or are unconcerned as to whether there is a habitable planet for generations to come.

That might sound a bit preachy; in which case; sorry for that.
But I'm not trying to tell anyone what to do; or think; about any of this.

Its one of those issues that the deeper you go; the more complex it becomes; as it is so fundamental to; and interconnected with all things.

The only thing I'd advocate is at least; to give to it some thought; find stuff out.
If that gives rise to some action, or change of habit, then all to the good.

Everyone has a small vote for change, at least in their shopping habits.

Imagine ... How tasty1

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