Sunday, 18 September 2016

Coming home...

Almost a week has passed.  Barely time to draw breath, between alighting from the past midnight train and getting back to farm work, and yoga teaching.

Alongside dealing with all the somewhat odiferous hiking kit. 
Washing stuff,  and oneself,  in rivers, and cattle troughs doesn't have quite the same squeaky clean effect as hot baths and domestic appliances. 
Makes one appreciate them all the more when they are there..

But a few days taken for family visit too,  and to walk a while in Wales with my two now all - grown up boys.
I had a lovely green leafy picture to post here; but it would appear the tech won't play nicely right now.

Unlike first and second born who seem to enjoy each other 's company most fulsome out and about.

They used to moan sometimes when ' 'made' to go for walks.  But now they return to it voluntarily,  and can see the point....  Especially as they like taking pretty pictures too.

Hoping that the picture posting glitch is but a temporary annoyance.
There's a small mountain of hot Pyrenean
images to sift and sort..
And an account of sorts, to write. Might have to wait for shorter days.. Winter fireside being the traditional time for storytelling.

And what news from the farm?

  I hear you cry.

Well,  all was well, and lovingly cared for.

Some things have grown hugely in the time spent away...

The sweetcorn is ready! ... What a homecoming treat.

Should keep me close to the valley; for a couple of weeks at any rate.

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