Monday, 13 June 2016


Seem to enjoy yoga.....Or at the very least they seem to enjoy their people doing yoga...

The parallels between a well ordered happily moving equine; and the same things encountered in a human frame are strikingly marked.

But not so surprising perhaps; upon realising that there are so many more similarities; rather than differences; between the two when looking at muscular and skeletal structures.

And considering the efficient;  comfortable; neigh enjoyable; range of movement possible.

So lift and spread those parts that should be so. Get underneath; the parts that should support.

A good day was had investigating the synergies between good posture in both the horse and rider.
And then further progress was to be enjoyed when combined with the ancient art, science, and philosophy of yoga.
Further investigations will doubtless prove fruitful.

Everyone; particularly myself; came away with a lot to think about.

But a very promising start was made.
And the whole event; was most proficiently hosted and facilitated by excellent mate Kate..

Cheeky; the Hoss here pictured; would certainly; I'm sure; add his stamp of approval...🐎

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