Friday, 27 May 2016

Losing it...But gaining too...

I can't pretend I've not got myself involved in some crazy schemes over the years....

But taking ten days out to go away; during the busiest; full on madness period of the growing season; is up there in terms of recent,

   "What?   How?    And Why?"

...Especially when the idea is apprehended by others in a similar field of employ....


Is the wholly understandable desire on the part of OH to be the first guy to 'take me up the Caingorms'.

It's been on the list of places to explore for a while.
But how to slot in that ten day window of time betwixt snow and midges? These  being perhaps just two; of the reasons  that the more Northerly regions have largely escaped development, and despoilment?

Whilst at the same time ensuring that every aspect of that which should be done vegetablewise; is achieved; in a timely fashion....


On earth?

Well mainly by calling on the talents; and energies; much, many, and various; of other good folk of the valley.

Not least Our Hero, who has stuck about to oversee; and undertake much of the planting of several hundred tomatoes, peppers and aubergines...

Then the rest of 'Team Fresh and Green' (both regulars and drafted in) have been tirelessly grafting over the bedding in of thousands of sprouts, broccoli, red cabbage, celeriac, parsley, beetroot, Kale, lettuce, salads, herbs, beans climbing and dwarf, courgettes, and so on... And hoeing, cultivating, compost spreading, irrigating Arrgghh!

The compilation of a 'done' list, as opposed to the usually oppressive 'to do' itemisation
would have been an extremely satisfying; if somewhat overlong exercise.

Still; there really is nothing like a deadline; to concentrate the mind....

Though in truth; vegetable growing of this nature and complexity is always a series of time dependant and pressured activities; what with 'everything having its season' and only so.many available hours and energy in a day.

So Why? 

Is easy to answer really.  If we do decide to wait until everything workwise is done, before taking some time out to do other; just as important; albeit in other ways stuff.

Then the likelihood of that those aspirations ever, being achievable; becomes increasingly less tenable...

So given the last two weeks, or so, of 'madness-more-than-usual' I have high hopes for this holiday..

A fairytale castle in The Highlands? 

With turrets; attentive footmen; weighty damask curtains; warming deep scented baths drawn by quietly spoken chambermauds?

Nourishing sweetmeats; brought on heavily napped trays?

We will see; but I do hear; that our accommodation has at least two porches....

So quite a step up from trailer life already....

Plus already enjoying the  'On the train'...... Frisson.

Moreover; whatever the conditions; it's not so hard to relax; knowing the farm is safely entrusted to two pairs of conscientious; and capable hands.

With more maintenance help dropping in from time to time.

Blessed much; all round.

....My; what an elephantine garlic.

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